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Re: Library Editor refactor


Le 21/11/2017 à 23:49, Maciej Suminski a écrit :
> I have just managed to fix the last issue (disappearing buttons in 'Save
> Library' dialog) and pushed the code to the master branch.
> Thank you for testing and comments, I really appreciate it. Now let's
> have a look at the abandoned patches on the mailing list and the bug
> tracker..
> Regards,
> Orson

Hi Orson,

With the new lib editor, I do not understand how I can copy a symbol from a library and to save it
in an other library.

I perhaps missed something, but I am unable to select a new library to save the loaded (and perhaps
modified) symbol.
(This is a common case when you want to create a symbol library for the project).

I can only export a symbol in a dummy file, and after select a new lib and import this dummy file.


Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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