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Re: Renaming headers?


On 09/01/18 16:21, Kristoffer Ödmark wrote:
> Oh I was not planning on doing this, I am way to new to do a good job of
> sorting the codebase. Just wanted to see if there have been anyone else
> thinking in these lines. Currently in the pcbnew folder, the files seems
> to be grouped by their names, which is also fine. I would just enjoy if
> the files where grouped into folders more. there are currently 200+
> files in the pcbnew root directory.
> For example:
>     9 files starting with specctra
>     47 files starting with class
>     29 files starting with pcb


I would vote for moving the files into folders grouped by functionality.
For example:
- board/ - board model (class_board, track, via, etc) + core algorithms
(zone filling, connectivity, ratsnest)
- io/ - all I/O plugins and exporters (in separate subdirectories) +
plugin management code
- io/kicad - kicad plugin
- io/legacy - legacy plgugin
- io/exporters/specctra - specctra export code
- io/importers/eagle - eagle import code
- view/ - GAL display code
- tools/ - all GAL tools
- legacy/ - all legacy tools/canvas code
- ui/ - wx-specific user interface stuff (dialogs, frames, etc.).

If we go for separate subfolders, I'd also suggest removing the class_
prefixes from the file names. All of the new code is OOP, so each source
file contains a class (or more).

In the long term, we could also eliminate linking dependencies between
these folders (so that class BOARD has no dependency on the GUI, etc).


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