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Re: UI changes for 5.0?


On 9/02/18 20:57, Maciej Sumiński wrote:
Please consider that there are documenters that have just updated some
screenshots and so they probably will have to update some more because
of these UI changes.
The changes proposed by Jeff are not that disruptive. It is just adding
'...' or changing Cancel->Close, so I guess it is not a big deal for the
users. Obviously it is better to have pictures showing dialogs and menus
exactly as you find them in the software, but I suppose nobody will even
notice that a button is labeled 'Close' instead of 'Cancel'.

We notice and it immediately casts doubt as to whether the documentation one is reading is valid. Worst case we spend a lot of time searching or cross checking to make sure we have the right info. Best case, we just think it's poor workmanship.

4.0.x has felt like the team lost control of the project. I for one would rather wait a few more months to get to a clean, consistent, and complete 5.0 if that's what it takes. I don't need features, just for what's there to work well.