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Re: Anything I can do for GALification?


On 28/08/18 11:33, Jeff Young wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> You mentioned earlier:
>> You can make your copy and push your patches there, rebasing on top of
>> current master from time to time.
> which I’m not sure I understood.  We can’t use rebase on a shared
> branch, right?
Hi Jeff,

What I meant (and what I do) is that I clone a branch I want to work on
to my private repo and commit my work there. From time to time, I rebase
it on the latest official master branch so that it's easier to merge
when the work it's done. When the code is ready, I merge it to the
master and push to the official repo.

> Does this mean we’ll coordinate so that everyone is fully committed,
> then do a rebase, and then re-clone?

I simply check for other people's changes from time to time and
cherry-pick/merge them.