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Re: GAL canvas strategy - testers needed!


Hi Jeff,

Am 06.09.2018 um 23:08 schrieb Jeff Young:

Supersampling (4x) is still slow on my 3-year-old Mac Powerbook.  But Supersampling (2x) renders quickly and is nearly impossible to tell apart on my Mac Retina display.  Does 2x not render well on your ThinkPad?

"Supersampling (2x)" is useable at higher zoom levels. At lower zoom levels, the thickness of lines is not displayed uniformly, which I find somewhat irritating. But I guess I'll just have to get used to that.

Am 07.09.2018 um 00:31 schrieb Jeff Young:
 >> I observed some minor issues (tested on Linux with GTK3):
- buses and graphic lines always have the same colour as wires
I just pushed a fix for this.

The color issue is now fixed, but the style of graphic lines is not displayed correctly.

- right mouse click doesn't always work (it seems to me that the context menu appears and almost immediately disappears in about 50% of cases)

Hmm… GTK-specific?  (I haven’t seen this at all on OSX.)

To test this, I've compiled your branch with both GTK2 (version 2.24) and GTK3 (version 3.22) and it is indeed GTK3-specific. I thought the whole idea of this work was to make KiCad compatible to GTK3, but it seems to me that GTK2 is still the preferred choice.

- the "small crosshair" is rather big (80 pixels instead of 24 pixels)

This is the same size we’ve used in Pcbnew for quite some time.

That is correct, but Pcbnew (GAL) has an option to not always show the crosshair, which makes it less annoying. Could such an option be added to Eeschema as well? The checkbox is already there, but it has no effect.

- the crosshair is never centered at the position of the mouse cursor in Y direction (X direction is OK, see attached screenshot)

The cross-hair jumps to the grid; the mouse pointer does not.  Is this what you’re seeing, or is there an offset even when the pointer is on the grid?

Yes, there is always an offset in Y direction, independent of the position within the grid. The screenshot shows how close the mouse cursor can get to the center of the crosshair. If I move the mouse up even one pixel, the crosshair jumps to the next grid point. But it turns out that this issue is GTK3-specific as well, my GTK2 build is not affected.

- adding bitmaps to the schematic does not work (the file selector appears again when trying to place the bitmap that was selected before)
- editing bitmaps (mirror, rotate, etc.) doesn't work as expected, the transformation is only applied after closing and reopening Eeschema

I’ll look into these next.  (BTW: I hooked up the zoom refresh tool to rebuild the graphics state, so you might try it on things like mirror, rotate, etc.)

Zooming doesn't help. But I was talking about the "Image Editor" (accessible via "e" hotkey") that has no effect until Eeschema is restarted. The usual hotkey actions for rotation, mirroring, etc. do work correctly.

Best regards,

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