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Re: GAL canvas strategy - testers needed!


On 19/09/2018 11:54, jp charras wrote:
Le 19/09/2018 à 11:40, Rene Pöschl a écrit :
Ok i looked at the pot symbols. They are indeed strange. (ignore my last

However, how does the new fill algorithm work with things like the logic
gates. (Example the symbol for 74LS00) It has an open polygon on purpose
as it consists of that polygon plus an arc. We still want the body do be
filled but do not want a visible line between the arc and the polygon body.
There is no problem with 74LS00 and 74LS02 shapes.

You could find an issue with a 74LS32, but the polygon used as a filled
shape is broken: its line width is set to -1000 mils, a bit strange.

The reason for that is that kicad did not (or does not) support filling shapes with concave arcs in it. So the outline was made with arcs and lines whereas the filled part was made with a single polygon that approximates the shape needed. To reduce the number of needed line segments the shape is approximated quite crudely. This works because the filled shape does not have an outline to it. (Meaning the errors in it are hidden by the true outline that is created from arcs) As setting line width to 0 does not result in a polygon of 0 width the trick with the large negative value was used to achieve this.

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