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Re: Net selector


Was the purpose of a0b8755f478f7829ca5 and the one before that to let the
filter field to ignore spacebar? If so, it doesn't seem to work. Editing
the net label in eeshcema's Label Properties dialog apparently has some
excluding code, maybe there's something useful?

Keeping the filter text between combobox "sessions" isn't necessarily good,
at least in some cases. If there's nothing to match the filter and it's
then canceled by closing the box the user hardly wants to keep the same
non-working filter text. Or if (s)he doesn't actually select a net matching
the filter. On the other hand it may be wanted after the net has been found
and selected. A good compromise could be to always set the text as selected
(in the filter text field) when the box is opened. Then the first key press
would delete the old text, but the old filtering result would still be
available if there's no need to change it. This requires text selecting and
cursor to work, but now they don't, as John told. Or maybe he didn't
mention text selecting, but it doesn't work anyways.

-Eeli Kaikkonen

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