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Re: Something odd with Eeschema GAL


Le 14/10/2018 à 20:28, jp charras a écrit :
> Le 14/10/2018 à 20:02, Jeff Young a écrit :
>> Yeah, the AdvanceDepth() needs to go between the fill and the stroke, rather than between the component and its children.  I’ll look into it.

I just found an other very serious issue, fully reproductible, at least
on W7 32 bits.

It happens when both Eeschema and Pcbnew are in Opengl mode, and when
the frames have a overlapping area:

When trying to resize a frame (Pcbnew frame for instance), if the
overlapping area is modified (size of overlapping area changed when
resizing the frame) the screen of the frame behind the resized frame
becomes blank.

If I try to zoom inside the blank screen (Eeschema for instance), I have
the error:
Error: switching framebuffer: invalid framebuffer operation

and the fallback mode is set.

It looks to me the wxPaintEvents create an issue, by I need a Opengl guru.

However Kicad crashes on exit.

Is just on my install?

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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