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Re: 5.1


Am 2018-10-21 19:09, schrieb Maciej Suminski:
I have just fixed the last printing related bug I knew about and rebased the code on the current master [1]. I consider it ready to merge as long
as there are no other issues found. The branch still does not bring
Cairo printing backend to eeschema, which is planned to be added soon,
but not required for 5.1.



Hi Orson-

This looks very nice. It works well for me with scripting off on Debian Stretch. I had some issues with scripting on that I haven't encountered with the master branch but I suspect that this is a gtk2/3 issue because I can't see any scripting-related changes in the branch.

BTW, the WorldUnitLength fix is a good bug find! Does that need updating in Eeschema GAL as well?


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