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Re: Has the handling of the datasheet field changed again?


On 11/21/2018 1:17 PM, Rene Pöschl wrote:
> On 21/11/2018 18:38, Jeff Young wrote:
>>> Version 5.0.x (and version 4.0.x) gave us the option to store the
>>> datasheets for both
>>> aliases and main symbols in the dcm file.
>> Right; that hasn’t changed.  What’s changed (or should have changed)
>> is that the above is the *only* option.
>> So is it not OK for that to be the only option, or is it just not
>> working that way?
>> (Sorry for not testing it myself, but I’m knee-deep in the
>> paste-symbol-twice-revert crash bug.)
> We just need a way to set the datasheet stuff in the dcm file for non
> aliases. Right now there is only one input field that stores it in the
> lib file.
> One option that comes to mind is that the current layout of one entry
> field is kept. But that there is some setting that controls if it is
> stored in the dcm or lib file. (If we simply say that the current entry
> field saves to the dcm file someone who currently uses only the lib file
> field will be unhappy.)

This is the subtle issue here.  If you created a symbol with no aliases,
 no root description, and no root keywords then it might be prudent to
save the datasheet text in the datasheet field in the library file which
would result in an empty dcm file.  Any other condition should result in
the root symbol datasheet text being saved in the dcm file.  My
preference would be to just save it in the dcm file since this will be
the only option when the new symbol file format is implemented.

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