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Re: Fwd: ABRT report for package kicad has reached 10 occurrences



On 26.11.18 17:52, Steven A. Falco wrote:

> Since I am one of the packagers for KiCad for Fedora, I get "abort" reports that Fedora has collected from users.

> I'm forwarding one of the reports to see if there is any interest in this data by any KiCad developers.  Please let me know if it is helpful, or if I should just disregard these abort reports.

We've had a similar report on IRC a week ago.

- Is that KiCad 4.0.7, or the 5.0 series?
- Did the kicad package or one of its dependencies change in the last
days (because it looks like we have >10 reports in just two days).


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