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Re: 5.1 stable release


Am 2018-12-09 14:41, schrieb John Beard:

On that note, how many people are actually using gtk3 for actual
designs? I know I am, but I've been stuck with fallback for a while
due to lagging, which I think is likely fixed now with the event
stuff, but I haven't had time to rebuild and check.

Hi John and others-

I use GTK for regular design work on Debian Buster. However, I generally use gtk2 because the gtk3 canvas is not yet useable for me for regular (read: with deadlines) work. I keep the gtk3 build current and use it periodically for development or when I need to use scripting.

Before GTK3 is fully usable from my perspective, we need to address the performance issues. These pervade not just the new eeschema canvas but also pcbnew. I haven't had time yet to do a proper performance analysis but something is slowing the system. Just moving the cursor over the screen results in a CPU load of >700% when using OpenGL. Using fallback the load is 65%. For reference, when using GTK2, both canvases use 6-10%.

I probably won't have much time to dig into the GTK stuff until the new year. I can test items, though if there are thoughts about the cause and how to avoid the worst effects.