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Re: 5.1 stable release


Hey Carsten,

On 12/10/2018 9:15 AM, Carsten Schoenert wrote:
> Hello Wayne,
> Am 10.12.18 um 14:04 schrieb Wayne Stambaugh:
>> Hey John,
>> I can help with the test against gtk3.  I am currently using gtk3 on my
>> home system although I have not yet tried to build with gtk3 and
>> phoenix.  I'm not sure Debian supports this yet because I believe
>> wxwidgets used to build phoenix is 3.1.1 or later where wxwidgets is
>> 3.0.4 which would cause run time issues although I could be wrong about
>> this.
> Debian hasn't a more recent wxWidgets version other than 3.0.4 (source
> package wxwidgets3.0 [1]). wxWidgets 3.2.0 would be the next stable
> release, but no release date is planed nor announced. Today version
> 3.1.2 was released [2]. It's "just" a development release.
> So any GTK3+ thingy need to be done on the current stable version of
> 3.0.4 in Debian.
> Phoenix (aka wxpython4.0 [3]) is available in Unstable and Testing for
> some months in Debian. The package python3-wxgtk4.0 is currently build
> depending on libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-0v5 from src:wxWidgets3.0 version 3.0.4.
> So no depending on some wxwidgets devel version.

Thanks for the information.  For some reason I cannot remember, I
thought Phoenix could only be built against the development version of
wxwidgets.  If Debian has packaged Phoenix built with wx 3.0.4 than
obviously that's not the case.  I'll have to give it a try the next time
I get a chance.  I built kicad with full scripting support since I've
started using the gtk3 build of wx so my testing has been somewhat



> [1] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/wxwidgets3.0
> [2] https://github.com/wxWidgets/wxWidgets/releases/tag/v3.1.2
> [3] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/wxpython4.0