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[RFC] Symbol library file format


I have updated and published the symbol file format[1] for comment.
Hopefully there isn't too much to change.  The only thing to really
finalize is the internal units.  The initial concept was unitless but
the more I think about it and discuss with other developers, it makes
more sense to use units for the following reasons:

1. It's easier to visualize in your head how the symbols on a given page
size will layout.

2. Converting from other file formats (Eagle, Altium, etc) will be
easier since most if not all of them have a defined unit.

I'm thinking 10u (or possibly 100u) will make a good internal units
value.  Once we nail down the units, I will update the file format
document accordingly.

Please keep in mind that this is the symbol library file format document
so things like constraints belong in the schematic file format.  I will
be posting the schematic file format as soon as I finish updating it.




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