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Re: [RFC] Symbol library file format


Hello Thomas,

Am 02.01.19 um 10:39 schrieb Thomas Pointhuber:
> * I do not see anything related to SPICE in this document. I would vote
> to add it including the possibility to embedded spice models
> (BASE64-encoded) into the symbol itself.

I disagree on that.
Please do not mix two different main purposes and add more complexity.

Schematic simulation is a add-on, not a primary key feature of a symbol
format or within Eeeschema.

Including such stuff into a schematic symbol make it harder to maintain
the symbols in along term as you always need to touch the symbol no
matter what peace need a update. But the (new extended) symbol format
can get of course a new field of course for a referenced file to look
at. Like similar done for associated footprints. Add a new environment
variable like SPICE_MODEL_DIR to add a default folder.

Currently it's not clear how a open and free spice working model can
look like, I really suggest to not create a own world for spice models.
Make it modular so work needs to be done more than needed.

I also suggest to get in touch with Holger from the ngspice project
about his thoughts and possible suggestions on this topic.

Carsten Schoenert

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