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Re: "Fuzzy" antialiasing in eeschema


Am 2019-01-03 23:09, schrieb Seth Hillbrand:
Am 2019-01-03 22:42, schrieb Alex Lockwood:
Ah, clearly I didn't do a very great job of looking for bug reports.
Thank you.

I wonder whether we could switch to a different antialiasing scheme, or tweak this one? The antialiased fonts on my system, with lots of similar
features to schematics in eeschema, don't do this...

Maybe but that's a very different AA pipeline.  It's not a full-canvas
AA, so it doesn't need the Sobel step -- it knows where the font edge
is by definition.  This is extremely precise and doesn't suffer from
the effect you are seeing.  But this would need to be performed at the
draw stage prior to compositing, which is not how the architecture is
setup at the moment.  So definitely not a 5.1 change.

But maybe you have some time during the v6 development? *hint* *hint*
*nudge* *nudge* :)

I poked around a bit on this as it had been bugging me. Instead of trying to fix OpenGL's AA, I added an option to utilize Cairo AA, which should provide a much nicer render in Eeschema. This is too slow for complex boards in pcbnew but works nicely with schematics. You can modify the level of AA, with the "High Quality" mode utilizing sub-pixel AA.

Let me know if this works any better for you.