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Re: Bug 1754130


Please table this conversation until we start talking about the new
constraint management system as part of v6 development.  I don't really
have time right now an I would rather not loose any valuable input.  I
will open up the discussion once we have an initial draft in place.



On 1/14/19 5:31 PM, mdoesbur@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hallo Wayne,
> Sorry for the repeat message, but I never managed to subscribe to the
> mailing list using my usual e-mail account.
> I would be glad to elaborate on that. But the main point is that for
> power electronics a net clearance is not all that usefull. The simplest
> example is when you have a DC-DC converter which is supposed to have 4kV
> isolation between input and output, but both the primary and secondary
> circuits are 12V.
> Another example is a high voltage half bridge. You have for example the
> 1kV and the 0V rail, and a switching node which is either 1kV or 0V. This
> switching node has a gate driver attached to it which is low voltage (for
> example 12V) within itself and needs only 0.2mm clearance. The gate driver
> group of nets needs 3.2mm clearance from both the 1kV and 0V rail however.
> What Eagle does is that you can have 32 netclasses (I need more please
> ;-) ). A clearance matrix gives the clearance between the netclasses
> (and within the netclass itself on the diagonal), obviously this matrix
> is symmetric.
> regards,
> Mark
> Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>         Hey Mark,
>         Will do.  This will give us a chance to better understand how to even
>         map this over to KiCad.  I'm still no sure I even understand what is
>         meant by netclass to netclass clearance.
>         Cheers,
> 	Wayne