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Re: What is the difference between the use of 3d model search path entries and normal path variables (environment variables)?


Am 2019-01-11 12:25, schrieb Rene Pöschl:

Could someone detail how this would be used? Would it clash with the
use of normal path variables (after all our official footprints all
use the KISYS3DMOD path variable)? Which of the two is preferred
assuming these two are meant to serve the same usecase?

Hi Rene-

This is legacy handling and should not be used by the official footprints. It was the result of a unification between the two different path variables that were being set. Previously, the 3d path vars were only shown in the 3d settings. Now they are in the same place as the rest of the footprint variables. Jeff also fixed an ordering issue that was causing MSW headaches (lp:1743823). The standard environmental variable expansion overrides the 3d path resolver paths. So if you specify the same alias in both, only the environmental variable one will be used.

The aliases are used in the same manner as the standard environmental variable paths but are specific _only_ to 3dmodels. Adding an alias with a path here will store the alias in the 3Dresolver.cfg file and will be loaded the next time the user starts a 3d viewer in KiCad.

In 6.0, I'd like to see us remove the section-specific variables and unify to a single environmental variable section that is used by all sections of the code.