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Re: [patch] improved support for MS Visual Studio



On 3/6/2019 2:16 PM, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
> Am 2019-03-06 12:17, schrieb Tomasz Wlostowski:
>> Hi,
>> This patchset enables building KiCad in MS Visual Studio (version 2017,
>> not tested on earlier versions).
> Thank you Tom!  I would love it if, after testing, we could consider
> switching our official MSW builds to MSVC.  While the mingw project does
> good work, it is substantially slower and doesn't fully implement C++11,
> particularly the std::async library but not just.  It also doesn't (as
> far as I have found) document which parts don't properly work.  So we
> discover them as we go along.
> A note on patch 0009: the auto-generated libcontext seems to be
> substituting windows line termination, so every line is modified.
> -Seth

I think this is probably a good idea but please keep in mind that this
would require some major changes to our windows packaging script and a
lot of testing before we could make it the default for windows builds.


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