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Re: [patch] improved support for MS Visual Studio



On 3/6/2019 2:30 PM, Simon Richter wrote:
> Hi Seth,
> On 06.03.19 20:16, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
>> Thank you Tom!  I would love it if, after testing, we could consider
>> switching our official MSW builds to MSVC.
> At the moment, MSVC builds lack Python support, so that's a no go, also
> we'd have to redo the entire packaging as that is msys2 based as well.

That would make msvc build installs a non-starter.  Our windows users
have come to expect Python support.  Yanking the msys2 stuff out of the
installer probably would not be terribly difficult.  I might be easier
just to create a separate installer for msvc builds rather than change
the exiting package scripts.  We can open up that discussion during v6

> Python support on MSVC is non-trivial, because there is no such thing as
> a default system python.

This is what I was primarily what I was referring to.  We would have to
run the Python2/3 installer and the wxPython/wxPhoenix depending on the
build.  Then we would have to install the Pcbnew scripting stuff in the
correct Python install path.

> I have WiX based installers in the pipeline, but you might have noticed
> that I haven't really gotten around to finishing anything substantial in
> the last months, so that is a bit off still.
>    Simon