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Re: timestamp_t bit width


Le 25/03/2019 à 19:58, Jeff Young a écrit :
> Hi JP,
> I’m afraid I just move the decl (and its comment) from another file.  It
> appears the author
> was Henner Zeller in 3f57fa5d2443a085c9fa243c615d71dc470a0107.  
> Commit comment was: 
>     Change time_t in the functions that deal with timestamps to a new 
>     typedef timestamp_t (defined as a long).
>     that makes sure the c++ side and swigged Python side agree on the 
>     type, because time_t create problems in Python scripts.
> Cheers,
> Jeff.

Hi Jeff,
So i am guessing Henner had an issue with time_t, not with uint32_t.


Jean-Pierre CHARRAS