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Re: [PATCH] Crash Reporter


On 30/05/2019 21:12, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> Nothing was displayed.  I was running from the project manager.  I even
> crashed the project manager.  I'm using msys2 to create mingw32 and
> mingw64 debug builds of KiCad.  I'm using wxWidgets 3.0.4 (not a debug
> build).  I did not check to see if the msys2 wxWidgets package builds
> are configured with wxDebugReport enabled so maybe that was the issue.
> I'll check the next time I'm in windows.  However, your debug reporter
> branch built fine so I suspect this was not the issue.

Hi Wayne,

Ddoes any window pop up when you trigger the crash from pcbnew running
in standalone mode? The only other difference I see is my wxWidgets
version is 3.1.1.


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