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I've rebased[1] Tom's adaptation of my MSVC branch on top of current
master, seems to compile still[2], except for the usual dependency problems
with the generated lexers[3].

In this branch, we have an assembler based libcontext (taken over from
boost) that is in a later commit replaced by Windows Fibers.

Before I do any further work on this branch: which implementation should we
go with, so I can squash the branch to that state?

I'd then do some more test builds and also actually run the program once or
twice, so we can get the branch ready for merging.


[1] https://git.launchpad.net/~sjr/kicad/msvc-new
[2] https://jenkins.simonrichter.eu/job/windows-kicad-msvc-tom/8/
[3] https://jenkins.simonrichter.eu/job/windows-kicad-msvc-tom/9/

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