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Re: Strange program version numbering in KiCad


On 7/8/19 2:58 PM, Kevin Cozens wrote:
> On 2019-07-08 2:38 p.m., Nick ??stergaard wrote:
>> @Kevin, And the version is not just the tag and number of commits, but
>> also the sha1.
> That is true when reporting bugs. I don't care about the sha1 when I
> want to make sure I am running the right version of KiCad. That is
> particularly important now that the file formats are no longer
> compatible between 5.1 and master.

This was the source of confusion for the bug reporter that I mentioned.
 The reporter thought that 5.1.0-xxxx-gxxxxxxxxx was older than 5.1.2.
I can understand the reporters confusion looking just at the version

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