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Re: Arc Adjustment proposal


On 11/07/19 14:42, easyw wrote:>
> On 07/11/2019 1:21 PM, Dino Ghilardi wrote:
>> On 11/07/19 12:26, easyw wrote:
>> then your fashion design should use a proper CAD to design the board,
>> and the EDGE should then imported inside KiCAD i.e. from a svg or a
>> dxf file or handled directly with FreeCAD.
>> Yes, he should... but he won't: (he's not under my control).
> I don't get your user case...
> are you receiving
> 1) a KiCAD pcb board from your fashion designer
> or
> 2) the enclosure for your board, coming from the fashion designer
> or
> 3) the outline of the pcb in external format
> The 1) is quite a weird case... your fashion designer should us
> mechanical sw to define the board outlines
> The 2) case is totally on your control...
> you need to use a mechanical sw to create pcb outline fitting your
> enclosure
> The same for the 3) case, you can fix the file before importing inside
> kicad.
> Please have a search for "ECAD MCAD Collaboration" for a deeper insight

I know there is a better or "correct" way do do anything, but in my opinion the question is not how a user gets to the trouble situation, or how to workaround it re-doing part of his work, but how the software helps to fix it when the problem is found: the easier is to get out of troubles, the better is the software (at least from the user's point of view). ...but now we are going a little bit off-topic.

now...back to the main topic:

Also I like the Tomasz point of view to store
"start/end/midpoint and the set of
CS arc input parameters which have been specified by the user"

It has the advantage that the stored parameters are just what the user wanted when the arc was created, also the arc-properties dialog could be modified in order to be able to enter center-start-angle or three-points arc (I'd like to have that). Also probably makes the implementation of a "three-point-arc" tool easier, making easy to have the three points on grid.

Cheers, Dino.