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Re: Arc Adjustment proposal


to 11. heinäk. 2019 klo 15.43 easyw (easyw@xxxxxxxxxxxx) kirjoitti:

> On 07/11/2019 1:21 PM, Dino Ghilardi wrote:
> > On 11/07/19 12:26, easyw wrote:
> > then your fashion design should use a proper CAD to design the board,
> > and the EDGE should then imported inside KiCAD i.e. from a svg or a
> > dxf file or handled directly with FreeCAD.
> >
> > Yes, he should... but he won't: (he's not under my control).
> I don't get your user case...

I realized even before you (easyw) wrote that I was partly wrong about the
relative importance of different features of arc. But I have lately been
exposed to a workflow quite similar to what Dino told about. And he's
exactly right - "should do" and "do" are two different things. In small
companies fighting for their life you don't have the luxury of having
dedicated "fashion designer" and people use what they can and do what they
can. I won't go into details here to save myself and some other people from
embarrassment; for example I won't mention STL as intermediate format.

I don't blame KiCad at all for not supporting suboptimal design workflows
but it would be good if it would support all use cases. This is of course
only tangential for the discussion about the file format, but maybe it can
at least give something "FYI" to the developers. What Tom said is very
interesting. The new UI and backend may make current feature wishes
fullfilled or unnecessary.

Eeli Kaikkonen

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