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Re: Arc Adjustment proposal


On 11/07/19 18:16, easyw wrote:

On 07/11/2019 5:17 PM, Jeff Young wrote:

Here’s a footprint I drew recently which was made much harder by Kicad’s focus on arc centre points:

This is exactly an example that should be done in a mechanical CAD and imported later in KiCAD (i.e. as DXF).

Complex mechanical object should be addressed with mechanical CAD, not ECAD.

I agree, but that implies that the gui who uses kicad for electronics also needs to have (and learn) a mechanical cad and this is not always true (the world is full of different people with different backgrounds).

If you are starting using kicad and you never used a mechanical cad the time you need to learn it will be more than the time needed to struggle with the limited 2D-lines/arcs capabilities of kicad.

Also the fact that there is not a dxf export in footprint editor does not help going back and forth between the two cads.

Of course, as you say, an experienced user, with knowledge of both electronic and mechanic (2D and 3D) cads will use the right tool for the right work and do it efficiently, but a new user (or a student) that starts from the electronic cad would just say "I was not able to do it, the tool is too limited, no good cad" and leave kicad.