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Re: [PATCH] Board statistics dialog


Le 22/07/2019 à 10:13, Alexander Shuklin a écrit :
> Hi!
> I'll have a look to add vias count to dialog.
> There's some questions:
> 1)I don't have too much experience with wxdialogs. There was commit on
> master, which says:
>>> remove settings for fg/bg color: the result is unpredictable: was
> black texts on black background on my computer.
> And now I have all tables with data just in white boxes. Is it how it
> meant to be, or just some misbehavior on different systems? I use
> archlinux x64 OS.
> there's screenshot in attachment

Colors and fonts in dialogs depend on Window Managers, selected themes,
selected fonts ... on the user computer.

We already have issues in dialogs when forcing colors and/or fonts.
So a golden rule is to avoid forcing fonts and colors when not mandatory.

On my computer, the initial colors selection give me just a black box
for the full dialog.

> 2) Can we use something like _( "Height" ) + ":" for translation, not _(
> "Height:" )? As far as I understand, now we will need to have 2
> translations, first for "Height" and second for "Height:" but that's
> basically same word.

An other golden rule is *never* create a string by concatenation of words:
- One can translate a full sentence, but usually not a list of
concatenated words: the translation is never a word to word change.
- Are you sure "Height" and "Height:" are basically the same word
("Height" + ":") in any language in any context?

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS