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Re: GitLab migration


I have started working on the bug tracker migration script [1], and now
you can check out a test batch of 100 bug reports converted to Gitlab
[2]. I am looking forward to your comments.

What is transferred accurately?
- description
- messages (including attachments and dates)
- milestones
- tags
- duplicates ('related bugs' in Gitlab)

What is different?
- text formatting:
Gitlab uses markdown to format the text, while Launchpad reports are
plain text. From what I see, verbatim text transfer between the
platforms does not look terrible, but if you see anything that demands a
fix - let me know.

- importance:
In Gitlab bugs are described with 'weight' property, which is an
integer. I imagine the higher the weight, the more important is a bug.
For the moment I use the following mapping:
'Critical': return 50
'High':     return 40
'Medium':   return 30
'Low':      return 20
'Wishlist': return 10

- status:
Gitlab offers only two status types: opened/closed. It is a pity, but I
doubt we can do anything about it. Here is a mapping proposal:
'New':           return 'active'
'Incomplete':    return 'active'
'Opinion':       return 'active'
'Invalid':       return 'close'
'Won\'t Fix':    return 'close'
'Expired':       return 'close'   # TODO should be closed or active?
'Confirmed':     return 'active'
'Triaged':       return 'active'
'In Progress':   return 'active'
'Fix Committed': return 'close'
'Fix Released':  return 'close'

- authors:
The whole contents is currently transferred under a single author
(myself, but I plan to use a dedicated account for the migration). If we
were admins of a Gitlab instance, then we could use 'sudo' [3] to
impersonate users. This would still require users to create their
accounts before the migration.
My workaround is adding a first line indicating the original author
('xxx wrote:').

- assignees:
I plan to create a user map linking Launchpad and Gitlab accounts to
transfer. If an account is not mapped, then I will try to search
gitlab.com for an exact match (I cannot guess correctly if search
results contain multiple accounts).

- optimization:
The script is painfully slow (100 issues in 0.5h), and I have not
profiled it yet.

- URLs:
I would like to convert Launchpad links occurring in the reports to
their Gitlab counterparts.

Other notes:
KiCad Janitor may retire after the migration, as Gitlab provides a way
to close issues using commit messages [4].


1. https://gitlab.com/orsonmmz/kicad-bug-tracker
2. https://gitlab.com/orsonmmz/kicad-bug-tracker/issues?scope=all&state=all
3. https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/api/#sudo

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