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[RFC] GitLab Issue Tracker Guidelines


After some research and experimentation with the GitLab issue tracker, I
have made a revised version of Nick's initial guidelines. It is available
at [1] for comment. The main difference is that in GitLab it looks like
labels can only be applied to issues by someone with Reporter permissions
[2], and not by average users. This means people filing the reports cannot
add labels to the issues when creating them (the bug squad must do that

It uses the scoped labels for assigning issue priorities and statuses. I
have proposed a similar structure to what we had from Launchpad with some
renaming (such as adding as-designed instead of invalid/opinion, need-info
instead of incomplete). One thing that I haven't done is make an equivalent
for the expired status, because I don't know if GitLab provides a way for
us to expire reports. This might have to be done manually, and we will then
need to have a new status for reports closed that way (if we want to
continue to do this).

I have split this into two sections, one for user-facing things and the
other for bug squad related things. I have also proposed using a default
issue template for the tracker, which you can view here [3].

I looked through the feedback on Nick's original document, and it mainly
fell into 2 categories:
1) Which portions are still needed when the stack trace tool is merged
2) Some tags seemed too technical

I think comment 2 might be less of an issue now though, since the reporter
won't be assigning the tags and instead a developer/bug squad member will
(and they should know these terms since they are in this document). I don't
know the answer to 1 right now either.

[2] https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/permissions.html
[3] https://gitlab.com/imcinerney/bugtracker-test/issues/new