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Re: Python files still depending on Python2 only due used shebang


On 2019-10-26 10:06, Simon Richter wrote:
Hi Wayne,

On 26.10.19 19:00, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:

None the less, there is currently no wxPhoenix/Python3 support for windows.

TBH, I wouldn't like to be dependent on MSVC on Windows -- the compiler
is great as an additional source of diagnostics, and some people might
like the smaller runtime, but in the end we want to be 100% free software.


I also don't like the idea of introducing MSVC-only code. But at the moment, the pthreads implementation of C++ async code is 1-2 orders of magnitude slower under windows than Linux. We have a number of open bugs that directly point back to this. Using MSVC translates the async calls to native threads.

If we have an option to improve the user experience while keep our code open and standards-compliant, I hope we'll consider it.


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