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Re: [PATCH] Pcbnew drill sizes statistics & Project manager multiple selection options


On 2019-11-15 16:54, Mikołaj Wielgus wrote:

-  Project manager multiple selection options:
It appears that implementing these enchancements would require significant changes to the project manager code, since much of the actions is implemented in TREEPROJECT_ITEM class itself, hence a significant portion of the actions implementation would have to be placed somewhere else (most likely to TREE_PROJECT_FRAME class). In addition, KICAD_MANAGER_CONTROL::Execute would have to be modified to allow passing several arguments.

Since I'm not very experienced with the codebase yet, and these issues are minor, and implementing them can potentially cause a lot of issues, I would like to request pulling the patch as it currently is for the time being. This will make it easier for me to implement these features later (in the next patch).

Best regards,
Mikołaj Wielgus

Hi Mikołaj-

Thank you for the patches submitted already. We have an unwritten policy to not commit code that represents partial features or that we know will result in bug reports. Because of this, I don't think it is wise to commit a patch that will prompt for each file being deleted. There does need to be a single dialog for all files.

JP's second comment about all files being opened in existing editors I think may not be feasible for the default PDF browser because wxLaunchDefaultApplication() only takes a single filename. I'll leave to JP whether he thinks we should adjust this for the other files.

If JP thinks this this should be implemented for the other calls, you would pass a const std::vector<filename>& reference instead of just the filename. For calls to the same function that are meant to only take a single filename, you would adjust the call to construct the vector but enclosing it in braces { filename }.

If you run into issues while developing this, you can push your branch to a public repository (GitHub, GitLab or Launchpad) and request some help. These services are useful for starting development as they allow inline commenting on the code review.


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