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Re: eeschema selection appearance


On 11/20/19 7:11 AM, Jonatan Liljedahl wrote:
Ok, I'll look into making it configurable. However, I find the current
default appearance hard to use, so maybe one could consider changing
the defaults in that case?
Everyone likes to have their preferences as the default.  This is not a useful line of discussion for the project.  Once the options are configurable, it shouldn't be an issue.

Additionally, I changed the shadow width algo constants as follows, to
avoid the feeling of the selection shadow changing size drastically as
you zoom:
Please move this idea into a separate patch and propose it.  The selection highlight width works well at all zoom levels for me but if this idea helps some people without negatively impacting the current situation, there should be no issues.  Please keep this distinct from the options patch, however.

So now the question is at what granularity all this should be
configurable? Perhaps:

- selection draw child-items: bool
- selection thickness: float
- selection color (already there)
Those options make sense to me.

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