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Re: [PATCH] Selection appearance options


On 2019-11-23 05:46, Jonatan Liljedahl wrote:

Thanks Seth,

I'm on Mac only (my linux box hasn't been powered on since 5 years or so). The code I touched should not look different depending on platform. I guess any difference would rather be in how colors are presented (considering the #ifdef MAC around default selection-highlight color), but even in that case I strongly suspect this is rather about the monitor rather than operating system!


On Fri, Nov 22, 2019 at 6:25 PM Seth Hillbrand <seth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 11/21/19 8:01 AM, Jonatan Liljedahl wrote:


Here comes two patches regarding the selection appearance.

Patch #1: Adds three new options in the settings dialog:

- Draw selected text items as box
Instead of drawing a stroked shadow behind the text, a rounded
rectangle is drawn according to the text boundary box.

- Draw selected child items
When disabled, only the main selected item is drawn with the selection
shadow, not the various fields and pin names etc. Default is enabled
(current behaviour)

- Fill selected shapes
Any selected shapes has their selection shadow filled, instead of just
drawing along the lines.

See attached screenshots for a demonstration of some various
combinations of these settings.

Patch #2: Tweaks the amount of zoom-level impact on the selection
shadow thickness, to get a more coherent look while zooming. You need
to try this in action to know if it's good (I think it is).


Hi Jonatan-

I tested the functionality of these patches and they seem to work as advertised. The dialog boxes look correct on my Linux box. Patch #2 makes the selections very large to my eye, so I haven't pushed that one but I did push the selection options patch.

Thank you for your contribution to KiCad!


Seth Hillbrand
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