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Re: Fix lp:1849376


> I took a look at the intersheet reference patch and it looks like a nice
> addition.  It will need to wait until after the schematic file format
> has been updated as it does introduce new functionality to the format.
> We won't be adding new functionality to the existing, legacy schematic
> file format.  So hold on to the patch for now and after the new format
> has been merged and the dust settles a bit, you can re-propose it.

Ok, no problem.

> A couple things to change in it when you do:
> - Please add CC-BY-SA-4.0 license to SVG you've created.  This goes in
> the metadata and is an option in newer Inkscapes.

Do we have someone good at icon design ?
Because I think this icon should be redraw. I'm not an artist :)

> - Code style places a space before the if-blocks

Ok. However, I ran check_coding.sh and it didn't find this particular problem.

> I haven't had a chance to look over the navigator yet but I may be able
> to get to it next week unless someone else has time first.

No problem.

Thanks for your time.


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