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Re: Fix lp:1849376


On 2019-11-26 13:54, Franck Jullien wrote:

Here attached you'll find a patch to correct issue 1849376 on launchpad.
When a component is placed, action addNeededJunctions is now triggered.

If some of you have some spare time, I also have two branches with
patches you can review and/or test. The first allows the hierarchy
navigator to stay open:


The second branch as a patch adding a function to insert intersheets
references attached to global labels:


Thanks in advance.


Hi Franck-

The attached patch looks good. I've pushed it to the main branch. Thank you for your contribution!

I took a look at the intersheet reference patch and it looks like a nice addition. It will need to wait until after the schematic file format has been updated as it does introduce new functionality to the format. We won't be adding new functionality to the existing, legacy schematic file format. So hold on to the patch for now and after the new format has been merged and the dust settles a bit, you can re-propose it.

A couple things to change in it when you do:
- Please add CC-BY-SA-4.0 license to SVG you've created. This goes in the metadata and is an option in newer Inkscapes.
- Code style places a space before the if-blocks

I haven't had a chance to look over the navigator yet but I may be able to get to it next week unless someone else has time first.


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