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Re: ***UNCHECKED*** Re: Re: GitLab migration


Hi Seth,

On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 06:29:11AM -0800, Seth Hillbrand wrote:

> >Ah, so that's why my application was ignored. :)

> Sorry about that Simon.  My inbox got flooding with permission
> applications for folks and I haven't been able to find time yet to
> got through all and respond to people.  I suspect yours is in there
> somewhere.  Which section should your permissions be in?

No hurry, so far there isn't much I can sensibly do on Gitlab anyway.

I've withdrawn the "general" application, and submitted new ones for
"code/kicad" (which would probably be at some
non-commit-but-able-to-send-merge-requests level) and for
packaging/kicad-winbuilder (where it might make sense for me to have

> It would be very good to have it set up as a Windows runner.  Right
> now, we only have Linux free runners.  The Windows runners are
> supposed to come online in a few months.  Mac runners sometime next
> year (maybe).  Would you have time to dig into a CI script for the
> code?

Unsure how much time I will have, but there is always procrastination of
more urgent things that opens up time slots for kicad work.

Setting up a runner needs a lot of permissions, or at least someone with a
lot of permissions extracting the necessary access token, as Github are
rightfully assuming that runner administrators have a lot of access to the
pipeline anyway, so I'll probably start by setting up my own projects on
Gitlab with my machine configured as a runner, and then subsequently
"sharing" that runner once it's working.


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