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Re: GitLab migration


On 2019-11-29 10:15, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
Hi Simon,

On 11/29/2019 1:09 PM, Simon Richter wrote:
Hi Wayne,

On Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 12:49:30PM -0500, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:

I will also be disabling the Launchpad blueprint and answers pages as
well.  We not going to migrate the blueprints to GitLab because the
entire blueprint system is a mess due to the lack of sane permissions. We may have to manually migrate the useful blueprints to GitLab once we
have a reasonable process for doing so.

One of my main hopes for the migration is to get a workflow for
collaborative pre-implementation design. Blueprints were a nice idea, but
they were never fully implemented on Launchpad, and it shows.

It was impossible to implement because anyone with a launchpad account
could create a blueprint and edit any other blueprint.  It was very
poorly implemented so it quickly became meaningless.

It'd probably make sense to use the Wiki for that, do you know if it is possible for non-committers to have limited Wiki editing rights (e.g. an
"ideas" namespace with looser permissions, and moving the page to the
"roadmap" namespace later)?

Maybe, but I would rather have a system that a few maintainers who will
ensure the sanity of the system that can edit "blueprints" and anyone
with a GitLab account can comment on but not modify.  Certainly anyone
on the mailing list can recommend a blueprint but it will in no way be
the wild west like the current blueprint system.

On GitLab, we (the lead dev team) can create "epics". These are multi-issue items that allow us to track the overall progress to a specific goal that depends on a number of sub-elements. Users can comment on the epic or individual issues related to it.

This may address some of the desires while still preventing the Blueprints situation where devs couldn't find anything or maintain consistent progress tracking due to the overall lack of structure on Launchpad.

Pre-implementation design may be best handled by collecting interested parties from the mailing list to a specific group wiki. Creating/editing wiki pages requires developer permissions to a group. So this would require granting a specific group of users that permission for a specific purpose.


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