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Re: Back annotate references from PCB


Andy Peters kirjoitti 1.12.2019 klo 21.45:

> Anyway, it’s a lot easier to update the schematic with the new part and then forward-annotate, and this keeps both schematic and layout in sync.

Assuming there is the schematic to start with. Sometimes it happens that
there is just PCB data and one has to go backwards. Commercially that
rarely makes sense and one may buy pretty extensive reverse engineering
service form dedicated operators.

> Pin-swapping and gate-swapping are much more important. The pin swapping makes for an interesting problem, which is making sure the resulting schematic isn’t a mess. Most likely an informal (or required) “rule” would be that you draw a net from each pin that can be swapped and you give them net labels, but you don’t draw that net to any other pin.

Yes. This is exactly why I see value in a completely bilateral system.
Drawing a schematic would benefit just as much autorouter as well as

> Thanks to everyone involved in adding the back-annotation feature!



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