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Re: Altium 20 new interactive routing features


On 02.12.19 21:37, Tomasz Wlostowski wrote:

> All of this is true - for autorouters. This whole thread started with
> Altium's videos about the improvements to their interactive
> (semi-manual) router. P&S actually use very few strictly topological
> concepts (in the case of Kicad P&S, mainly in the optimizer part of the
> code)...

The video looks very much like to me like the trace is following a
voronoi cell boundary with cells coming out from each obstacle outline
vertex. But what do I know? Maybe I'm just imagining things.

> BTW, I'm surprised by the smoothness of the animation in A***m's
> promotional videos. Did they use some editing/postprocessing to make
> them look this way? :D

I suspect the interaction is scripted and slightly sped up (just from
looking at the speed of mouse movements and menu interactions in the
other videos. That said they do advertise their newly sped up
accelerated graphics stuff, so maybe it is that smooth.

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