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Re: Proper way to report bugs on branches


On 2020-01-28 09:44, jp charras wrote:
Le 28/01/2020 à 17:15, jp charras a écrit :
Le 28/01/2020 à 15:32, Seth Hillbrand a écrit :
No need.  It has already been reported with reproduction steps here

If you find a bug, use the standard bug reporting procedure but only
report bugs there that reproduce in master.

If you find a bug that doesn't exist in master but does exist in the MR,
then add a thread to the MR with the reproduction steps.


In fact, issue 3811 is the result of an other (much more annoying) issue.

Each time you save your .sch files, the order of items inside the file
is changed, even if you just load and save your schematic, without any
actual change.

The result is:

- One cannot compare anymore the old and new file: they are very different.
- Because the order of units of a given component in the file has
changed, when the file is reloaded, the timestamp of the component in
netlist changes (I am guessing this is the timestamp of the first unit
found in list that is picked).

After test:

This issue was created when replacing DLIST in Eeschema.

Thanks JP.  I'll take care of this.


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