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Re: What does /path do in PCBNew files?



Thanks for the explanation. I suspect it will need a re-think - or at least some modification.

I am almost finished the "to do" list for geographic re-annotation. One thing that occurred to me is that the "re-annotate selected" would be very useful for duplicating design elements. For example, lets say we have 4 output amplifiers with connectors etc.. We can route one then copy and paste the other 3, then re-annotate them to correspond to the schematic. After all, we have nifty new "back annotation" functions!

Except back-annotation breaks when the /path field is duplicated.

I don't know enough to propose a fix but I can imagine users will have problems (and generate bug reports) when they do copy and paste inside PCBNew.

I think optionally removing the path might be a good idea - or, simply removing it from duplicated/pasted footprints. Of course I am probably missing something.


On 2020-02-15 6:07 p.m., Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
It's the symbol ID from the schematic. This defines the connection between the symbol in the schematic file and the footprint in the layout file.

Indeed I have intended to ask about copying this in pcbnew. There's no way to change (remove) it in pcbnew. Once a footprint is pasted or duplicated it's bind to the same symbol as it's originator footprint. As far as I can see there's one use case for this when copying from the same board: having several alternative physical components for one functional component (symbol). But this isn't obvious nor is it clean IMO.

It's probably useful if the corresponding components are copied from another project to both eeschema and pcbnew. But inside one project this may be more confusing than useful. Maybe it should be handled like copying/pasting symbols and reference designators is handled now in 5.99: with Paste Special options, trying to find the best alternative for the default paste.

And/or there should be a way to reset this field. The footprints added by the "Add a footprint" function don't have "path".

On Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 12:30 AM Brian Piccioni <brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    In the "Kicad File Formats" PDF (and in KicadPCB files) there is
    (path /5127A011)  where the number after the slash usually
    changes. I don't see any where this field is described in the

    It seems that if I copy and past a symbol in PCBNew the "(path /"
    field is duplicated so I end up with two components with the same
    "(path /" causes, for example "Error: Pcb footprints R100 and R8
    linked to same symbol" error on back annotation.

    This, in turn, causes problems with geographic reannotation.

    So, can somebody explain what (path / is?


    Brian Piccioni

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