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Re: What does /path do in PCBNew files?


On Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 1:20 AM Brian Piccioni <brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I think optionally removing the path might be a good idea - or, simply
> removing it from duplicated/pasted footprints. Of course I am probably
> missing something.
> Brian
You can't backannotate something which doesn't have the "path". But those
footprints can of course be re-annotated.

I don't think it's possible to cleanly copypaste groups of footprints to
create "duplicated design elements" as you say. Either they point to one
group of symbols while they should point to hierarchical sheet instances
(each of which have different path), or they don't have corresponding
symbols at all.

If you have two footprints with identical "paths" you can reannotate from
eeshcema (with a warning IIRC) and both footprints will have the same
refdes. But it doesn't make sense to have two footprints with different
refdes to point to one symbol because the symbol has only one refdes.

Having identical paths in more than one footprints is problematic anyways.
I have used it but I don't recommend it.

Eeli Kaikkonen

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