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Re: DRC reports


Some mockup to give context to my earlier reply:
You could right-click a given violation, and clear (one-time) or ignore
(persistent) either that particular violation, or all violations of its
You could also right-click the class header ("Clearance Violations") and
clear all / ignore all.
[image: image.png]

On Tue, Feb 25, 2020 at 3:21 PM Jon Evans <jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The idea I was kicking around was to build a 2-level tree, with the
> parents being these categories (in new drc branch):
> https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/blob/drc/pcbnew/drc/drc_violation.h#L31
> I think there are much fewer than 64 error types that actually need to be
> displayed to the user in groups.  I'm not sure the enum there has
> absolutely everything, but I do think it's close.
> I was planning on getting rid of the 3 tabs -- I don't think it makes
> sense to have the three tabs and also filters in the "violations" tab --
> the other two tabs are just different types of violations.
> I am also not sure how much it makes sense to have checkboxes for
> showing/hiding violations.
> It seems like a better ultimate state would be:
> (a) being able to turn on/off all types of violations (and set their
> severity)
> (b) being able to clear or ignore certain violations or certain classes of
> violations in one go (I was thinking via a context menu on each violation
> and the tree header per violation class)
> -Jon
> On Tue, Feb 25, 2020 at 2:34 PM Jeff Young <jeff@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I’m looking at adding filtering to the DRC window.  I’d like to use
>> something similar to the HTML report panel where we’d have some checkboxes
>> under the listbox:
>> [ ] Show All   [ ] Clearances  [ ] Constraints   [ ] Courtyards
>> It would be nice and consistent to then have a Save button after that.
>> But this would be a slight procedural change:
>> 1) it would separate the reports by the 3 tabs: Violations, Unconnected,
>> Footprint Warnings
>> 2) you couldn’t set it and forget it: you’d have to click the Save button
>> each time you wanted a report
>> Thoughts?
>> Note: yes, I did consider user-defined filtering.  But we currently have
>> 64 DRC error types, and I’m not sure users really want to wade through that
>> list (nor do we want to have to reply to queries of the form “what does DRC
>> error type XYZ include?”
>> Note 2: regardless of that, feel free to comment on anything (including
>> “we really must have user-defined filtering”).
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