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Re: Eeschema annotate block / specific component types proposal


Hi James,

You might first want to download one of the nightlies (5.99) and play with it.  Block selections are gone: eeschema now has a “normal” selection model where you click on things and/or drag-select and they get highlighted.

So from the GUI perspective you’d just need to add the options to the Scope section of the Annotate dialog.

I believe there’s already a Wishlist item for this in the issue database.

I suck at git, so you don’t want to know what I do for branching, etc. ;)


> On 7 May 2020, at 14:19, James Jackson <james.a.f.jackson.2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Firstly thanks Wayne for adding me to the list - long time KiCad user for hobby stuff, but I've got a background (partially) in fast real-time mixed-signal electronics.
> Working on a fairly large personal project recently, with many nested and shared schematics, I would really have liked the ability to only automatically annotate either a selected block of components, and/or only a subset of the component types. I haven't done an KiCad UI-facing dev work (or, frankly, much at all bar poking around in the code a little bit) but I'd be happy to have a bash at implementing it - but would welcome others' thoughts. I can't find any mention of it in roadmaps etc.
> Proposal: Add the ability to annotate only a selected block and / or only specific component types
> UI Flow: Two changes required, as detailed below. As described, they do not change the current default UI flow, but offer up more options for users should they wish to use them:
>    1. Add a new menu item to the block selection context menu, with text 'Annotate block...'. On clicking, takes the user to the current 'Annotate Schematic' dialog.
>    2. Modify the 'Annotate Schematic' dialog to include:
>        a. Within the 'Scope' radio button selection list, add 'Use the current selected block' (not enabled if the dialog is entered the existing way through the Tools menu) - autoselected if dialog entered through the block context menu
>        b. Add a checklist containing the prefixes of component types available for annotation (i.e. 'R', 'C', 'U', whatever...). Default to all being selected.
> I'd welcome thoughts on this proposal, and also, if people think it's worth looking at, any pointers to a quick guide to KiCad dev wrt branch handling. I.e., do developers work to the head of the repository or the last stable release, etc etc? I couldn't find anything on this hiding in the dev docs. I can figure the rest out (internationalisation, code structures, etc etc).
> Yours,
> James.
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