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Re: DRC rules


Hi Mark,

That’s 6 change-lists too early for the fix.  You need at least d2cd4de280353b02ab66dab8e22e8da88415dc13.


> On 4 Jun 2020, at 10:13, mdoesbur@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello Jeff,
> I just tried version 9ff09aa784551264e89350368f61ed6b35266f7a, but
> it still fails. I tells me that it requires 1.3mm clearance, but both
> the hole and the track are in the "Net-(C1-Pad1)" netclass, which should
> only require 0.25mm. The plane clearances are as expected.
> With this version I can fix the problem by changing the drc file to
> remove the default clearance of the netclass. So what I have now is:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> (selector (match_netclass "Net-(C1-Pad1)") (rule "1.3mm")) #  the "default" rule
> (selector (match_netclass "Net-(C1-Pad1)") (match_netclass "Net-(C1-Pad1)") (rule "Default"))
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> If the "default" rule is removed everything is OK. Now obviously I can
> do this, but it has consequences for the number of drc-rules I need. For
> the big design I can constrain with 451 lines when I can use a default,
> if that's not possible I need 7437 lines.
> There is also an overflow at some point. Two pads, one at (364, 218.5)
> and the other at (124.45, 50.4) are only 4.351mm apart according to the
> DRC check.  I'll create a testcase if you want me to.
> regards,
> Mark.
> Jeff Young <jeff@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 	Hi Mark,
> 	The hole clearance logic never got updated to pass both items (the track and the hole).  It should work now.
> 	Cheers,
> 	Jeff.

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