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Re: 5.1.9 tagged for release


## Nick Østergaard (oe.nick@xxxxxxxxx):

> By having the release announcement, it is easier to use that as a
> reference when users are flagging packages in various distros.

Even more: some distros - I'm writing as the maintainer of FreeBSD's
KiCAD packages - are waiting for the release announcement before
shipping the update. In the past, there were some unfortunate cases
where distfiles had to be re-rolled, causing much hassle and version
bumps; and I understood this was a situation to avoid.

Perhaps it would be nice to have a seperate "heads up, you can start
packaging now" announcement to have releases ready from day one on
more platforms.
Or we just don't lose any sweat over a few days delay. Hey, there's
a lot of volunteer work going on here, and at any given time someone
will be on vacation, busy or otherwise unavailable for whatever reason.
And then we don't really need coordinated security releases - yes,
complex file format and file exchange across organisations, but then
KiCAD is not running internet-facing on half of the world's infrastructure.

Also, these bugfix releases are mostly low-effort for packagers:
with 5.1.9, I only had to bump the versions - no additional
patching required.


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