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Re: 5.1.9 tagged for release


On 12/23/20 9:36 AM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
On 12/23/20 5:20 AM, Carsten Schoenert wrote:
Hell Nick,

Am 23.12.20 um 10:07 schrieb Nick Østergaard:
Hi Carsten

This is a balancing act. Quite some time ago we decided that we should
make the release _announcement_ (on the website) when we have build
available for some major platforms, these specifically being windows,
ubuntu ppa and macos, mostly because that gives us some good
"coverage" and we control those builds "ourselves".

that's of course up to the KiCad team to do such decisions. But I see no
reason why KiCad should be that exclusive. So far I've seen in the past
all the big distributions and the maintainer of the packages for KiCad
have acted quick as possible. But you need to give them some time. And
again, we have x-mas, why rushing things more than needed?

I am not trying to exclude you as a kicad maintainer.

But this is it it looks like.
As at least one other contributor has stated, please give us the needed
time. No planned release announcement was done again on any of the ML. :-(

By having the release announcement, it is easier to use that as a
reference when users are flagging packages in various distros.
Essentially we don't expect other distros to have builds ready by the
release announcement.
Why not doing this? It has worked in the past years. It would look much
better if things would be done more coordinated.

This is why I asked if everyone is OK with my original time line.  I
don't want to speak on behalf of all of the other devs because I don't
know what their schedules look like.  We should not be tagging all the
other repos until folks have had a chance to reply in case there is any
outstanding issues.  I'm perfectly fine with proceeding with my original
time line.  It sounds like we just had a few translations that needed
merged so I fine waiting until that is complete before we start building

Everything was already tagged as of yesterday.  I think it is already too late to make any further changes to 5.1.9.


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