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Translation building changes in master


Since we now host the v6 translations inside the main code repository, I
have consolidated the CMake scripts for building the translation files into
the main build process inside this MR (
https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/merge_requests/628). That exposes a
new CMake option `KICAD_BUILD_I18N`, which defaults to on, that controls if
the translations are built. When that option is ON, gettext is a required
dependency and when it is off it is not needed. This change will require
some people to modify their current build setup to disable the translations
if they do not wish to build with gettext.

In that MR I have also added the linux metadata files to the translation
framework to allow for the strings contained inside them to be
internationalized (so that the user sees translated strings on desktop
icons/tooltips in their display manager). That should be a transparent
change to the packagers of nightly builds, but a welcome change for users.


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