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Re: Build issue


Jon Evans a écrit :
> What version of ngspice are you using?

	I don't know, maybe a version pulled last week. But yesterday, I have
rebuild ngspice from scratch (I have deleted my build directory).

	In ngspice header, I can read :

All boolean signals (BOOL) are of type int.


> Sourceforge is down right now so I can't check the latest tree easily,
> but in my cached version, the ControlledExit function signature in
> sharedspice.h is using bool (not BOOL), and so is KiCad.
> Is there some version of ngspice where those function signatures are
> BOOL (aka int) not bool?

	I have seen that a lot of includes were replaced by only one file
(sharedspice.h) that contains some BOOL statements :

hilbert:[/usr/local/include/ngspice] > grep BOOL *
All boolean signals (BOOL) are of type int.
typedef int BOOL;
    BOOL is_scale;     /* if 'name' is the scale vector */
    BOOL is_complex;   /* if the data are complex numbers */
    BOOL is_real;   /* TRUE if the actual vector has real data */
typedef int (ControlledExit)(int, BOOL, BOOL, int, void*);
   BOOL  if true: immediate unloading dll, if false: just set flag,
unload is done when function has returned
   BOOL  if true: exit upon 'quit', if false: exit due to ngspice.dll error
typedef int (BGThreadRunning)(BOOL, int, void*);
   BOOL        true if background thread is running
BOOL ngSpice_running(void);
BOOL ngSpice_SetBkpt(double time);
hilbert:[/usr/local/include/ngspice] >

	Best regards,